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  • Q-TAB
  • Q-TAB


The latest flagship in AQUIS generation of queue management systems is called Q-TAB, with tablet-based solutions in the foreground.


During development our goal was to minimize the number of components thus creating a complex system with low maintenance demands.


We recommend Q-TAB

For offices, institutions, service providers, commercial units with unique design and easy-to-install requirements.
Using our extensive experience in queue management systems operation and maintenance our main goal was to develop a system which can be easily installed and its platform can be further upgraded. 


System components
  • Q-TAB ticket dispenser

Modular structure queuing management totem with touch screen and thermal printer. Without the pedestal it can function as a desk operated queue management system.

Height: 130 cm (with stand)
Width: 25 cm
Base depth: 20cm
Weight: with pedestal and stand 20 kg, without: 4 kg.

  • Counter display

The tablet-based 10” counter can display customer’s calling numbers and even multimedia contents. The display connects to the server via WiFi or LAN.

  • Counter keyboard

A tablet-based 7” touch screen mobile device, could be connected to the server via WiFi or LAN network.
The installed application on the device can reach the proper functions on the QC 9 (queue management system), enabling the operator to handle the queue management tasks.

  • Central display

Displaying client’s numbers, multimedia content and even has a voice calling function. The display operation system enables wireless communication between the server and the display. Available sizes from 22” to 42”, every variations are Full HD (1920 x 1080).

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